Quilt wraps are quick and quite useful.

Quilt wraps can be a lifesaver.

Our Thoroughbred is still standing because we used a set of quilted pillow wraps for his last trailer trip. On the way home, he somehow managed to rear up in a friend’s trailer and catch his front hooves in the manger feeder.

He crouched on his haunches for several minutes, while two accomplished horse handlers eased him down. 

Thank God he's a long-time hunter-jumper mount and has super-strong haunches.

Had his legs not been wrapped, he probably would have broken both of his forelimbs. That’s what the on-site equine veterinarian told us.


The handiest pillow wraps for equines come with attached Velcro (hook and loop) closure straps. Without these, they must be held on with Standing Wraps / Stall Bandages, which can be a little tricky to apply, particularly in colder weather.

Some folks find Bandage Rollers useful for rolling up standing wraps (as well as polo wraps) for storage and future use.

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