Want to Adopt a Wild Mustang or Burro?

Want to adopt a wild mustang or burro?

September 26, 2009, is the first National Wild Horse Adoption Day. Equine adoptions will be held across the United States. CTRL-Click any of the photos below for to read the story in a new window.

Press photos from National Wild Horse Adoption Day, U.S. Bureau of Land Management


How much did that dressage horse cost?

Just had to share this video.



OK, I admit it. I own a Warmblood horse, who has been successfully shown in dressage. Maybe that's why I enjoyed this video so much.


Tribute to a Trail Friend

Tribute to a Trail Friend

For a friend and stable-mate, who died this morning, after a long and valiant battle with cancer. A retired teacher, Nancy was a veteran horsewoman and the perennial trail guide for novices and just about anyone who wanted to explore the back acreage on horseback.

Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

Knowing Nancy

A seasoned friend, all full of heart,

Did recently from us depart –

Diminutive in form alone,

A horseman solid to the bone.

This trail guide from an age gone by

Was saddle-bold, but camera shy.

Accounting for her non-pretense

Was good, old-fashioned common sense.

Her friends and horses learned to watch,

Each time she raised the bar a notch.

We’d hold our breath and grasp each rein

To see her jump a fence profane.

Occasionally, in the dust,

She’d land, then spring back up, nonplussed,

To reconstruct the hurdle there,

Then spur her mount into the air.

‘Mid hounds and horses, galloping,

She proudly piloted her string.

Till, finally, her breath was caught,

And yet, she gave not up the trot.

She bravely fought the final scourge,

Which medicine could never purge.

At last, she mounted higher still,

To leave behind all earthly ill.

A Pegasus perhaps she’ll ride,

Residing on the other side.

And though we grieve her absence here,

Perchance she’s found a new frontier.

c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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Israeli Car Trampled by a Horse?

Israeli Car Trampled by a Horse?

Galloping in Galilee? Three wild horses running on an Israeli highway encountered some vehicular traffic. A pinto horse ran right up and over an automobile, breaking the windshield and denting the top of the car.

In another car, a tourist pulled out a video camera and recorded the event as it happened.

The driver and passengers were apparently unharmed. We can only hope the horses were unhurt as well.

Here's the video:




Cowboys and Jockeys?

Cowboys and Jockeys?

We went to a professional rodeo last weekend. A certain bull wrestler had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

Perhaps it was the bull's fault. Maybe his Wranglers were defective. In any case, all I can say is . . .

Photo c2009 by Nickers and Ink. All rights reserved.

It's a good thing rodeo cowboys wear jockeys.

Neither the bull nor the cowboy were seriously injured in this incident. The cowboy did have a slight laceration on one thigh, and his denims were destroyed. Still, in true rodeo cowboy form, he mounted right back up again on his trusty American quarter horse and rode right past the rodeo crowd.

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