Paint horse braves Irene floods to deliver meds in Vermont

Paint horse braves Irene floods to deliver meds in Vermont

OK, here’s one more reason to ride horses in all sorts of circumstances, besides simply making circles and loops in equestrian arenas.

A lone horseback rider, clad in a cowboy hat and rain slicker, saddled up and piloted his black-and-white Paint horse down a flooded Route 103 in Rockingham, Vermont, on Monday, August 29th, to hand-deliver a pouch of medicines to folks on the other side of the puddle. Police cars and emergency crews stood by, as the pair waded through the waters.

Rains associated with Hurricane Irene caused the Williams River to overflow, so the waters covered the county highway and made vehicular traffic impossible.

After passing off the package, the modern-day Pony Express pair turned and made their way back through the waters, which reached the sidepassing horse’s shoulders at one point.

Here’s the video of the prescription-delivering Paint horse in Vermont, who proved to be just what the doctor ordered:


YouTube video by VTWayneVideo

Could a ring-sour training horse do the same? We can only wonder …

Certainly, cross-training is of considerable benefit to equestrians, horses and even occasionally those who may require their rescue.

Just ask the folks in Windham County, Vermont, who now have the medicines they needed, thanks to a Paint horse who was willing to wade through rippling floodwaters on the open road.

Vermont Horse and Rider Deliver Medications Through Irene's Flood - video screenshot
Rockingham, Vermont, city seal – Government photo/public domain

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