Horsey Trotify makes me wanna sign up for a triathlon

Bicycling is fun. OK, maybe not steep uphill climbs. And a scenic ride across the countryside on two wheels simply cannot compare to a pleasing trail ride on horseback. Sensing this difference, someone came up with a way to make a pedaled bike sound like a horse.

Nope, it doesn’t neigh. But this handy invention does clip-clop sort of like a horse.

Might be fun to try Trotify in a triathlon and freak out all the other bicyclists, just for kicks.

It'd be almost worth enduring the swimming, biking, and running, just to ... oh, never mind.

How does Trotify work, anyway?

The folks at Trotify take plywood and stamp it to make punch-out parts that customers snap together and attach to the front fenders of their bicycles. Adding rubber bands and coconuts, they make the thing work. And it makes their bicycle riding sound like trotting horses’ hoofbeats.

It’s all in the coconuts. That’s how old-time theater sound effect wizards used to make horsey hoofbeat noises, didn’t they?

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.”

Isn’t that music to your ears? (Oh, wait. That’s actually a song.)

Honestly, I cannot decide if this is a joke, a child’s plaything, or just plain fun. But Trotify is manufacturing this product and even has a Facebook page (opened in 2012). Last I heard, they were looking for product distributors. But wait. No one’s posted on their page in like a year and a half. And their YouTube videos are all dated 2012. Maybe the marketplace for horsey sound effect toys is a hard nut to crack. But their website shows a 2015 copyright, and their "Trotify in the Wild" video (below) was running viral this month. So who knows?

Gee, Santa, is it too late?

Here’s what Trotify looks like.


Sounds like the jury may still be out on Trotify (even if the company name sounds more like a horse song streaming station for a smart phone or iPod). Maybe someone needs to put de lime in de coconut. But that would have us all singing a different tune altogether.

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Trotify product publicity photos
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