Racy Horse Race Call: Does the Wife Know or Not?

Racy Horse Race Call: Does the Wife Know or Not?

You have to hear New Jersey's Monmouth Park track announcer Larry Collmus to believe this.

On Sunday, August 22nd, the seventh race came down to two horses, battling right to the finish line. This was a claiming race, but the video went viral.

Who won, MyWifenosEverything ... or The WifeDoesntKnow? And what about Little Miss Macho and Miss Tallahassee?

They’re one-two.   
Of course they are!”  


Let's Lose Those Horse-Biting Mosquitoes!

Let's Lose Those Horse-Biting Mosquitoes!

Here we are ... right smack in the middle of mosquito season with a bumper crop of biters around the barn, pastures and trails. Are the mosquitoes biting at your stables too?

West Nile cases have been reported in many locations, with infections even including humans. Wet weather has brought an abundance of mosquitoes this year as well.

How do you prevent mosquitoes from biting you and your horses? 

What products seem to work the best to keep the bugs at bay? Does your fly spray help? How about equine fly masks and fly sheets?

Do you routinely vaccinate your horses to protect against West Nile Virus? Does your equine veterinarian recommend the West Nile Virus vaccine?

And how does your horse behave in pasture turnout and outdoor riding arena work (for equestrian schooling or horse shows) when the bugs are bad?

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