PA State Police hunting for donated mounts

Got a sound and sturdy horse that needs rehoming? The Pennsylvania State Police have issued a call for horse donations. Accepted horses will join the 26-horse Tactical Mounted Unit for crowd control, parades, patrol operations, searches, security, and other purposes.

Equine police candidates must be geldings, aged between five and 15 years and standing 16 to 18 hands high. Drafts and draft crosses are the top choice.

In each case, a vet check will be done, every accepted horse will be taken for a three- to four-month trial period. Donated horses have to possess calm, trainable dispositions and no stable vices.

Pennsylvania State Police horses reside near Hershey, Pennsylvania, in a stable located by the Police Academy.

For more information:
Corporate Michael Funk
Phone: 717-533-9111, ext. 321
Email: mifunk@pa.gov

Public domain photo

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