Happy Easter 2010 from The Mane Point

Happy Easter 2010 from The Mane Point

The Mane Point is going on the road - heading for the Wild West - for Holy Week. Best wishes all around for a blessed Passover, Happy Easter and delightful spring break!

Spring is here. The trails await. Enjoy!

Remarkable Reading for Horse Lovers

Remarkable Reading for Horse Lovers

Have you heard about Lukas? Folks are calling him "the world's smartest horse." In fact, Lukas has been all over TV and the internet.

My friend Karen Murdock, Lukas' owner, has written a book about her experiences with this remarkable retired racehorse. (Just look at him in his Easter bunny ears. This horse was previously discarded as unmanageable and untrainable. Now he's a liberty trick horse.)

Here's Lukas' story:

Who is the world's smartest horse? Playing with Lukas, by Karen Murdock, offers an inside look at a remarkable partnership between a human and a horse. Karen Murdock saw the potential in a troubled retired racehorse rescued him.


Leather CPR Offers Free Sample Kits

Leather CPR Offers Free Sample Kits

We just tried Leather CPR for the first time.

Something about spring weather seems to inspire equestrians everywhere to pull out all that winter-worn leather tack and clean it up for the horse show season.

Recently, I received a leather cleaning and conditioning product that I had not tried before. Actually, I must confess that I have been a Murphy’s Oil Soap and elbow grease devotee since I first picked up a set of leather reins.
Earlier this week, on a lovely sunny afternoon, I rallied the troops at our barn for a tack cleaning gathering. We grabbed some clean, dry sponges and a big plastic bottle of Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack and set to work.

Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack comes in a handy plastic bottle with a flip top. It even has a hanging ring on the other end. What a convenient design. (The 14-ounce squeeze bottle costs $14.95.)
Anyway, within minutes, we were rubbing Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack on dingy paddock boots, faded leather horse halters, dusty leather bridles (dressage bridles, English bridles, hunt bridles, trail bridles and Western bridles). We smeared the stuff on leather saddles, including a Circle Y Western trail saddle, a Crosby Prix de Nations close-contact saddle and a Passier Grand Gilbert deep-seated dressage saddle. We even tried Leather CPR on a couple of pairs of cowboy boots.

We cleaned and conditioned all our tack quite quickly – with no sloshing buckets of water, no vigorous rubbing or buffing and no dirty towels to wash afterwards. (What a great idea for on-site horse show tack cleanups!)

Leather CPR is offering free sample kits to a limited number of recipients – and five $50 prize packs.

While supplies last (through March 31st), readers can sign up online for free Leather CPR sample kits.

Plus, Wonder Marketing, Inc., the company behind Leather CPR, will hold a drawing for five Leather CPR Cleaning Prize Packs (valued at $50 each).

Tell ‘em Linda Ann Nickerson - The Mane Point sent you – so I can win an additional promotional prize for referring you!

Click here to order this tee: "Tack Cleaning Day is the ultimate bridle shower."

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Leather CPR Shoe & Boot polish is a simple one-step shiner for leather boots and shoes. The product may also be used on belts, briefcases, handbags, purses and other leather items. Is this leather polishing product worthy of FAVOR?
To an equestrian, new leather saddle represents a significant investment. Preparing a new saddle for its first use is important, as this can significantly affect the comfort, appearance, wearability and useful life of this important purchase
Evaluating the quality and effectiveness of this high-end leather conditioner and restorer for saddles, equestrian tack, and other leather products.
"Better stand back. Zeke is hell bent for leather." What in tarnation could be the meaning of this metaphorical statement, "hell bent for leather"? Let's see if we can whip out the truth about this idiomatic expression.

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Who's Up for the 2010 Kentucky Derby?

Who’s Up for the 2010 Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby marks the unofficial first rite of spring. 

The Run for the Roses, held the first weekend of May each year at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky, is a highlight of the thoroughbred horse racing season - the first jewel in the much coveted Triple Crown.

And The Mane Point will be there!

Here’s the working roster of top contenders for this year’s Kentucky Derby. Of course, the lineup will be whittled down long before post time!

Afleet Express
American Lion
Awesome Act
Bears Hard Ten
Blind Luck
Christine Daae
Concord Point
Dave in Dixie
Discreetly Mine
Ice Box
Jackson Bend
Kettle River
Laus Deo
Lookin at Lucky
Lost Aptitude
Nobels Promise
Pleasant Prince
Ron the Greek
She be Wild
Shes Funomenal
Signeys Candy
Soaring Empire
Stay Put
Super Saver
Tempted to Tapit
Tiz Chrome
Uh Oh Bingo
Vale of York

Who do you like for this year’s Kentucky Derby? Will you be there?

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How Do Horses Feel About Tooth Floating?

How Do Horses Feel About Tooth Floating?

Is it time to call the equine dentist?

Spring starts next week. The weatherman is insisting that warm temperatures will soon be here to stay. After all, isn't the month of March supposed to come in like a lion... and go out like a lamb?

At our barn, we're posting a sign-up sheet for spring equine immunizations. The male horses will likely require sheath cleaning, and all of the equines will have their teeth examined. Most will probably require floating.

What is tooth floating? This procedure, performed by an equine dentist or a large-animal veterinarian, actually grinds sharp edges from horses' teeth. Equine teeth grow each year, so equine dentistry may be required annually as well.

Having participated in plenty of these equine dental procedures, as my horses have had their teeth floated, I have wondered how this process might feel - from the equine point of view.






Anyone who has ever truly loved a horse knows how impermanent and unpredictable life really is. Statistically, horses can live to a healthy twenty-something. Sturdy ponies can boast even greater longevity.

Still, even a young horse can break hearts, slipping away far too soon.

My own special mare, a dear dam of twenty, has given us some beautiful babies and many years of kind companionship and righteous rides. Recently, the cycle of lymphangitis has given us several scares and more than a few emergency vet calls at the barn.

Last night was no exception. Lately, I’m almost leery of answering my cell phone, particularly when the caller I.D. reveals a call from a barn chum.

We know we are sharing borrowed time, so we will try to treasure it.

Photos c2010 by Nickers and Ink.

Stocking Up

A Rhyming Ridge Too Close to the Bridge

The horn may sound, and hounds may bay;

Companions search for words to say.

We watch for hours at her side,

Awaiting yet the coming tide.

The fever strikes; the lymph nodes swell.

Perhaps the clock may only tell.

I cling fast to a fraying rope,

And in the melting mud, hold hope.

It breaks my heart to see her fall. –

Another close call after all.

c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
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Horsey Movie Roundup

Horsey Movie Roundup

What's your favorite horse movie?

Did you love All the Pretty Horses, Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, City Slickers, A Day at the Races, Dreamer, 8 Seconds, The Electric Horseman, Flicka, Hidalgo, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, The Horse Whisperer, Ladyhawke The Man from Snowy River, Misty of Chicoteague, My Friend Flicka, National Velvet, Phar Lap, Racing Stripes, Seabiscuit, Something to Talk About, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken or another film about horses?

This horse-loving music video (for Jon Bon Jovi's single, "It's My Life") includes highlights from several of these horsey films.


See how many horse movies you can recognize in the video. Then be sure to leave a comment, and let us know about your favorite horse film.


Bonus for Breeches?

Bonus for Breeches?

Oh, my word! Someone is offering a pair of used full-seat riding breeches (apparently worn by natural horsemanship trainer Linda Parelli) for $3,500. These cocoa brown Aanstadt Deerskin Bareback Breeches (size 26") are on Buy-It-Now on ebay, listed as new.

Maybe Linda Parelli wore these to train horses - or to train an equestrian. Heck, maybe she even sat on one of Pat Parelli's horses - or even Pat Parelli - with these breeches.

I like Linda Parelli. Really nice lady - and some kind of rider.

But $3,500?

Personally, I might be willing to part with a couple of pairs of full-seat riding breeches for $1,000 - worn by Linda Ann Nickerson. Anyone willing to bid for a pair of Aanstadt, Pikeur, Eurostar, Pikeur, Trainer's Choice or other full-seat breeches?

Maybe I'll just ask some top equestrians to wear a couple of pairs of full-seat breeches or other equestrian apparel a couple of times ... and open my own ebay store. (I'd even give them a portion of the proceeds. Why not? And I promise no breach of contract.)

Let's see what I have in my closet ... 

Hey, Anky van Grunsven, would ya wear this pair of leather full-seat breeches to practice your pirouhettes? Steffen Peters, can you slip into this dressage show coat for a moment?  McLain Ward, see if this ASTM-approved riding helmet fits. Kent Farrington, think you could carry this riding crop for a round or two?  Debbie McDonald, try on these tall riding boots.

Does anyone think these old leather riding gloves might fit Clinton Anderson or Tommy Garland?

Maybe we're onto something here.

Hello, ebay? Who's buying?


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