Haute Ecole: Have you seen Clemence Faivre and Gotan?

Videos of French equestrienne Clemence Faivre and Gotan, her golden chestnut Lusitano stallion, have gone viral lately on social networking sites like Facebook. Maybe you’ve seen them.

Thousands of viewers have posted comments. Some have admired the artistry and athleticism of the pair’s performance. Others have pitched fits about potential over-training, accusing Faivre of asking too much of her horse.

The video shows Faivre and Gotan, demonstrating breathtaking feats in the dressage arena. 

Their performance epitomizes haute ecole.

Take a look, and see for yourself.


What is haute ecole?

Translated literally, “haute ecole” is French for “high school,” but that has nothing to do with secondary education or teenagers. In equestrian arts, haute ecole refers to the highest form of classical dressage.

Clemence Faivre’s horses perform the most difficult dressage exercises and movements – often bareback, bridleless and even at liberty. Atop her mounts or on the ground, Faivre displays her trick riding training and amazing communication with her equine partners.

If Faivre travels through the Midwest on tour, I’d sure love to view the act. How about you?

Clemence Faivre and Gotan
Publicity Photos – fair use

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