2011 World Clydesdale Show is this weekend!

2011 World Clydesdale Show is this weekend!

Who's going to see the Clydesdales?

No matter what breed of horses you prefer, the ground-shaking pounding of those massive, prancing feathered hooves have to set your heart a-thumping.

Madison, Wisconsin, will echo with the sound of approximately 600 giant Clydesdale draft horses, gathering at the Alliant Energy Center for the 2011 World Clydesdale Show. Equestrians and their horses will compete in halter, hitch and saddle classes.

And the Clydesdales may not return to Madison for another four years.

Who's headed for Mad-town this weekend to see the great gentle giants in action?

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World Clydesdale Show is this weekend!

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Reunion Aloft - Saying Goodbye to a Special Horse

Reunion Aloft – Saying Goodbye to a Special Horse

Today is a sad day at the stables, as a friend bids a favorite horse farewell. Saying goodbye to an old equine companion may be one of the most difficult and painful, yet loving, things a horse lover may ever do.

We hope her sadness is softened somehow by the certainty that this special one is fairly beckoned upwards by his lifelong friend, who went on ahead about 18 months ago.

Gallop on, boys! We’ll miss you.

Reunion Aloft

The day has come,
The clouds foretold.
A cherished chum
Will join the fold.

Our hearts may fall
To watch him go.
We miss his call,
The bleached beau.

A partner dear
Calls him aloft.
We cannot hear
The whisper soft.

We witness not
Reunion’s glow,
As comrades trot,
Their joy to show.

His limbs are strong.
Behold, his gait.
He strides to song
With running mate.

Their chalky coats,
White and champagne,
Do fairly float
In flight, free rein.

Without a word,
But winged, fair,
They join the herd
In open air.


Cloud and Albert photo/s copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson

Nickers and Ink

“Death is the starlit strip
between the companionship of yesterday
and the reunion of tomorrow.”
Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)


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