New Year's: Got horsey resolutions?

A brand-new year is upon us. Raise your hoof (so to speak), if you’re making any horse-related New Year’s resolutions.

Do you plan to:

  • Ride longer – or more often
  • Visit your horse more frequently
  • Enter more horse shows
  • Log lots of trail miles
  • Read more horse books
  • Schedule a professional horse portrait session
  • Ride bareback and bridle-less for the first time
  • Participate in more equestrian training clinics
  • Keep a horse journal
  • Add a fitness regimen to improve your body condition
  • Start saving for a new horse trailer
  • Polish your horse’s saddle and tack more often
  • Train at a higher level than last year
  • Come up with a way to display all those horse show ribbons
  • Clean out the tack room before Labor Day
  • Or something else?

What is your horsey New Year’s resolution?

New Year’s: Got horsey resolutions?
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