Sign of spring: Horse blankets are washed and stowed

The snow has melted. The green grass is springing up everywhere. Bulbs are budding and blooming. Songbirds are building their nests. Mud season is in full swing at horse farms all over.

Horses are antsy, eager, extra-attentive to surrounding stimuli (Read: “spooking at every sight”).

That’s right. It must be spring.

So I have taken a leap of faith. And it is sort of like daring Mother Nature to bring her worst back. But I have looked at the long-range forecasts (as if those matter), and I’ve gone and done it anyway.

My horse blankets are washed, folded, packaged, and stowed for the year. I’m sincerely hoping they can stay that way till at least November. Given the wildly fluctuating weather we’ve experienced in the Upper Midwest over the past few months, this really is an act of faith.

But here we go. Bring on warm-weather riding! Let’s have those bright, sunny, outdoor arena sort of occasions.

Sure, we have a few more weeks of spring rains and slop to slog through. But brighter days are coming. My horses and I can hardly wait.

Adapted from public domain artwork

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