2011 World Clydesdale Show is this weekend!

2011 World Clydesdale Show is this weekend!

Who's going to see the Clydesdales?

No matter what breed of horses you prefer, the ground-shaking pounding of those massive, prancing feathered hooves have to set your heart a-thumping.

Madison, Wisconsin, will echo with the sound of approximately 600 giant Clydesdale draft horses, gathering at the Alliant Energy Center for the 2011 World Clydesdale Show. Equestrians and their horses will compete in halter, hitch and saddle classes.

And the Clydesdales may not return to Madison for another four years.

Who's headed for Mad-town this weekend to see the great gentle giants in action?

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World Clydesdale Show is this weekend!

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  1. I like your blog! Horses are pretty cool. I've only ridden them once though lol.

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