Bonus for Breeches?

Bonus for Breeches?

Oh, my word! Someone is offering a pair of used full-seat riding breeches (apparently worn by natural horsemanship trainer Linda Parelli) for $3,500. These cocoa brown Aanstadt Deerskin Bareback Breeches (size 26") are on Buy-It-Now on ebay, listed as new.

Maybe Linda Parelli wore these to train horses - or to train an equestrian. Heck, maybe she even sat on one of Pat Parelli's horses - or even Pat Parelli - with these breeches.

I like Linda Parelli. Really nice lady - and some kind of rider.

But $3,500?

Personally, I might be willing to part with a couple of pairs of full-seat riding breeches for $1,000 - worn by Linda Ann Nickerson. Anyone willing to bid for a pair of Aanstadt, Pikeur, Eurostar, Pikeur, Trainer's Choice or other full-seat breeches?

Maybe I'll just ask some top equestrians to wear a couple of pairs of full-seat breeches or other equestrian apparel a couple of times ... and open my own ebay store. (I'd even give them a portion of the proceeds. Why not? And I promise no breach of contract.)

Let's see what I have in my closet ... 

Hey, Anky van Grunsven, would ya wear this pair of leather full-seat breeches to practice your pirouhettes? Steffen Peters, can you slip into this dressage show coat for a moment?  McLain Ward, see if this ASTM-approved riding helmet fits. Kent Farrington, think you could carry this riding crop for a round or two?  Debbie McDonald, try on these tall riding boots.

Does anyone think these old leather riding gloves might fit Clinton Anderson or Tommy Garland?

Maybe we're onto something here.

Hello, ebay? Who's buying?

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  1. Too blame funny! Um...can you say skilss-"Non transferable" !



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