Leather CPR Offers Free Sample Kits

Leather CPR Offers Free Sample Kits

We just tried Leather CPR for the first time.

Something about spring weather seems to inspire equestrians everywhere to pull out all that winter-worn leather tack and clean it up for the horse show season.

Recently, I received a leather cleaning and conditioning product that I had not tried before. Actually, I must confess that I have been a Murphy’s Oil Soap and elbow grease devotee since I first picked up a set of leather reins.
Earlier this week, on a lovely sunny afternoon, I rallied the troops at our barn for a tack cleaning gathering. We grabbed some clean, dry sponges and a big plastic bottle of Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack and set to work.

Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack comes in a handy plastic bottle with a flip top. It even has a hanging ring on the other end. What a convenient design. (The 14-ounce squeeze bottle costs $14.95.)
Anyway, within minutes, we were rubbing Leather CPR for Equestrian Tack on dingy paddock boots, faded leather horse halters, dusty leather bridles (dressage bridles, English bridles, hunt bridles, trail bridles and Western bridles). We smeared the stuff on leather saddles, including a Circle Y Western trail saddle, a Crosby Prix de Nations close-contact saddle and a Passier Grand Gilbert deep-seated dressage saddle. We even tried Leather CPR on a couple of pairs of cowboy boots.

We cleaned and conditioned all our tack quite quickly – with no sloshing buckets of water, no vigorous rubbing or buffing and no dirty towels to wash afterwards. (What a great idea for on-site horse show tack cleanups!)

Leather CPR is offering free sample kits to a limited number of recipients – and five $50 prize packs.

While supplies last (through March 31st), readers can sign up online for free Leather CPR sample kits.

Plus, Wonder Marketing, Inc., the company behind Leather CPR, will hold a drawing for five Leather CPR Cleaning Prize Packs (valued at $50 each).

Tell ‘em Linda Ann Nickerson - The Mane Point sent you – so I can win an additional promotional prize for referring you!

Click here to order this tee: "Tack Cleaning Day is the ultimate bridle shower."

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