How Do Horses Feel About Tooth Floating?

How Do Horses Feel About Tooth Floating?

Is it time to call the equine dentist?

Spring starts next week. The weatherman is insisting that warm temperatures will soon be here to stay. After all, isn't the month of March supposed to come in like a lion... and go out like a lamb?

At our barn, we're posting a sign-up sheet for spring equine immunizations. The male horses will likely require sheath cleaning, and all of the equines will have their teeth examined. Most will probably require floating.

What is tooth floating? This procedure, performed by an equine dentist or a large-animal veterinarian, actually grinds sharp edges from horses' teeth. Equine teeth grow each year, so equine dentistry may be required annually as well.

Having participated in plenty of these equine dental procedures, as my horses have had their teeth floated, I have wondered how this process might feel - from the equine point of view.



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