Hoof supplements help hair too.

Howdy, horse lovers. Here’s a secret. Horse hoof supplements may be great for equine podiatric care, but they also help the horse’s coat, mane and tail to become healthier.

Most of the top horse hoof supplements contain essential oils, minerals, and vitamins that help to build stronger hooves, but also can add sheen and shine to the equine coat. And they often encourage healthy hair growth, particularly for the mane and tail.

Of course, this only pertains to hoof supplements administered as feed supplements, not the topical varieties.

Ha. Go figure.

Seriously, though. Hoof supplements can be helpful for hair growth – as an added benefit. Maybe veterinarians wouldn’t universally recommend using them for this express purpose, but it’s surely a bonus.

We had a Thoroughbred with particularly thin and cracking hoof walls, a dull coat and a wispy little tail. The farrier suggested a hoof supplement. Within a few months, his hooves were better. And his coat and tail improved as well.

One of the horses in our barn rubbed an entire section of his mane so vigorously against the pasture fence that he lost nearly all the hair in that section. The owner tried all sorts of topical compounds and remedies. Finally, she put him on a basic pelleted hoof supplement.

And his mane grew back. Concurrently, the itching seemed to stop, so he ceased the rubbing.

Here are a few horse hoof supplements we like.

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  1. Glad you found something to make their hooves and hair well! :)

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