Nosebands: Are they necessary?

Does your horse wear a noseband on his or her bridle?

Nosebands are available for both English and Western bridles. 

Depending upon the equestrian discipline, trainers and riders may or may not recommend the use of this tack item. Plus, horse show rules and breed / discipline association guidelines may or may not require nosebands.

Nosebands may be made of leather, rope, rubber, or synthetics. They can be straight or figure eight.

Bridles may include nosebands, or nosebands may be sold separately.

Here are a few examples of nosebands for horse bridles:

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  1. I am learning the most interesting stuff through this A to Z challenge! I had no idea what those things were called, or that they can vary.

  2. Sooo... it's all up in the air! :)

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