Ice boots are ideal.

Ice aids innumerable injuries. OK, we knew that, right?

Ask any horse owner, who has spent hours cold-hosing an equine leg. That may be a fairly simple endeavor in the summertime, when the horse stands somewhat contentedly, particularly if the process takes place near a grassy spot.

But in inclement or colder weather, this can be more trying.

Enter the ice boot.

Here are a few examples.

Ice boots strap on, usually with Velcro-type fasteners. Much simpler!

NOTE: Some ice boots are sized for various equines – such as draft, horse, mini, or pony. Others are tagged as universal. It pays to check before buying.

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Intrepid International Horse Ice Boot
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  1. Ah, we never encountered weather that bad when we had horses when I was growing up. It was central California. To be honest, I don't remember that well because it was a long time ago. :)

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