Double-duty Detanglers

Finally, the world is defrosting a bit in the Upper Midwest U.S. That means equine shedding is underway – in a big, big way. And that spells heavy-duty horse grooming time.

My mare really needs a thorough bathing, but daily temperatures are not yet cooperating. Plus, the underground drain in the barn’s wash stall is still frozen solid.

So the sudsy bath will have to wait.

In the meantime, I’m working on her mane and tail. Daily, I am plucking hay and straw and sticks and twigs and burrs out of her tail. And I’m spraying on plenty of detangler.

Here are a few of my favorite equine mane and tail detangling products.

I like the large, money-saving refill sized bottles, so I can pour the detanglers into spray containers I already own.

Mostly, I use this stuff on her tail. I really prefer to leave her mane a little coarser – to keep it easier to braid and to grab in a heartbeat, if needed.

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  1. You give your friend so much love! <3

    A to Z:

  2. That's wonderful! I love horses, and used to have a horse named Heidi back when I lived on a farm. I can't have one anymore, but I do miss it sometimes.

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