Goodies are great for grumpy geldings.

My gelding is grumpy today.

Actually, he’s a little gimpy too.

He doesn’t have his regular gallop and gusto. He is sort of geriatric, so this condition pretty much comes and goes.

But he is adorable and sweet and gentle, even when he's feeling grumpy. So I just gave him the day off – and a handful of goodies.

What’s your horse’s favorite go-to goody?

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  1. My horse really loves Quick Quaker oats. I sometimes add linseed, even dryed cranberries. Get a pleased quizzical look forward cranberries.

  2. Awww... sometimes the grumpy ones are the cutest. Grumpy animals have their own special charm. I like that you are patient. I love to see spoiled animals of all types. :)

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