Yearlings and Youngsters

Yearlings and Youngsters
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Y is for Yearlings … and Youngsters.

What does it take to bring a self-assured equestrian down a few notches?

Young horses.

I used to feel pretty sure of myself in the saddle. Our faithful seasoned mounts carried us confidently into the show ring and out on the trail. Gleefully, we displayed ribbons on stall doors and curtain rods and strung them up in colorful garlands at home.

Then we began breeding.

Yearlings are wonderfully playful and fun. What joyful memories we have of romping in the pasture with cocky colts and frolicking fillies. How many fond moments have we shared, just nestling up next to these little ones at rest?

We could hardly wait for these youngsters to grow old enough to begin saddle training.

That’s where our real lessons started.

Young horses spill all our secrets. Green mounts know no shorthand or shortcuts. Aids must be exact, or they simply don’t work.

Steering is optional on horses that are only beginning their saddle experience. Brakes may be optional too.

Yep, we are continuing to learn as we go, along with our youngsters. Heels down, and helmets on! Yikes! Here we go.
Pretty Penny at Rest
Photo copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson
Nickers and Ink Creative Communications

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