Riddles for Riders

Riddles for Riders
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

R is for Riddles.

Just for fun, let’s try some horse riddles for R-Day.

See how many you haven't heard yet. Try 'em out on your trainer. Nah, don't. He or she might take away your stirrups for it.

Q: What has four frogs but doesn't croak?
A: A horse, of course!

Q: Why did the horse cross the road?
A: To visit his neighbors.

Q: Why did the horse step behind the tree?
A: To change his jockeys.

Q: What is the hardest thing about learning to ride a bucking horse?
A:  The ground.

Q: If a king sits on gold, who sits on silver?
A: The Lone Ranger

Q: What has four legs and flies?
A: A pastured horse in the summertime.

Q: What smells good and rides a white horse?
A:  The Cologne Ranger.

Q: How does a horse dig a hole?
A:  Bit by bit.
Horse face by Looseaway
Public domain photo

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