X - Halt – Salute

X - Halt – Salute
 (posted for the A to Z Challenge)

X is for …

“X – Halt – Salute.”

If you’ve ever participated in a dressage show, then you know the magic of these three words. The reader pauses and puts away the USDF test book. The horse stands straight and square in the center of the dressage arena.

And the rider breathes.

It is finished.

Today is Easter Sunday, the highest day in the Christian calendar. On this date, also known as Resurrection Sunday, believers worldwide celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over the grave.

He is risen! He is risen indeed.

And it is finished.

The work of redemption is done. We can be complete in Christ.

Hallelujah. May we halt and salute the One who gave His life and emerged from the tomb, never to die again. And may we live in His resurrection power.

Dressage Salute photo by Nikki
Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. what a beautiful comparison. i'm certainly following now. want to read what else you have to say and will go back to read your other posts.



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