Down with Drama

Down with Drama
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

D is for Drama ... and Dummy.

Not long ago, a horse-loving friend was looking for a creative way to introduce her horse to the idea of carrying a rider. This green horse, rescued from abuse and started at a more advanced age than most, had planted the seasoned trainer in the arena footing more than once.

Along came Mustang Sally (see photo), the tailor-made acrobatic equestrian crash dummy. (Look closely. This well-dressed mannequin is wearing Ariat cowboy boots.)

Sally has seen plenty of drama at the stables. In fact, Sally has created a fair amount of drama too, especially when unsuspecting horses first encountered her in the barn aisle.

But Mustang Sally’s drama has been short-lived. Most of us, both horses and humans, no longer give Sally a second glance. She scares us not at all.

Other barn drama, on the other hand, can be downright daunting.

Are you tired of barn drama?

Perhaps it is impossible to gather equine enthusiasts (or any kind of enthusiasts, for that matter) regularly in any spot without drama developing.

Conflict may arise about personal possessions, juicy gossip and more. Occasionally, drama may arise from actual offenses, such as illicit liaisons. Most often, though, rifts seem to come from miscommunication or misinterpretation of seemingly trivial expressions.

Recently, I was pleased to be reunited with a dear friend after such a sad rift over a total misunderstanding. Our disagreement lasted less than a day. Then we talked it over and hugged it out. We were both relieved. Who needs to be saddled with guilt over a silly spat?

Sadly, in other instances, drama may last much longer. Perhaps it depends upon the power of the emotional ammunition folks may carry when they enter the barn.

Why do we have horses, anyway? Sure, a small percentage of horse owners aspire to join the equestrian elite and earn awards at top levels. Most of us, however, may simply adore equines and view our horses as endearing companions that help us to de-stress and de-compress from real-life concerns.

Enter barn drama. There goes the de-stressing and de-compression. Even the horses know the difference.

What’s your most frustrating barn drama story? (Wait! Don’t share that! It wouldn’t be prudent.)

Barn drama may also come from certain creatures. A stomping stud may suddenly erupt, sending humans flying. A frisky filly may swish her tail and stir up trouble in the herd. A nasty nag may snort up a storm and rile the rest.

Um, are we still talking about horses here?

Mustang Sally
Photo copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson
-          Nickers and Ink
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  1. haha I am sick of barn drama too! (Although mine does not include horses.) Love Mustang Sally!



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