Kidding About Kicks

Kidding About Kicks
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

K is for Kicks.

Have you ever been kicked by a horse?
I surely have been, and that horse is no longer with us. OK, I’m not heartless, but I'm only half kidding.

That little guy (who is not exactly little anymore) has been embraced wholeheartedly by another family.

I just sold the sweet boy, as my herd had grown too large. At this point, we have one young, green horse and another on the way. Actually, this guy was a wonderful horse. In fact, he still is. He just deserved to be someone’s pride and joy, rather than the one for whom we never seemed to have enough time.

Plus, the adorable chestnut foal grew up to exceed 17 hands. Who knew?

His new owner adores him. 

And, although she confesses he has tossed her in the dirt at least once, he has never kicked her. Perhaps she will thank me someday for correcting him as a kick-happy yearling. (Or we could both thank the vet for … oh, never mind. That surgical procedure, though necessary, might bring back painful memories.)

Sometimes a swift kick may be just what we need. Maybe it’s a wake-up call or an attitudinal alert.

Kicks can be fun too.

Just for fun, consider this oldie. Take a listen to “Kicks,” by Paul Revere and the Raiders. Look, it’s a bunch of guys in white breeches and tall boots, who likely know very little about dressage.

Kicking Horse
By Thowra-UK
Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your horse adventures. I have been kicked...once or twice. I once knew an old horseman who had been kicked in the forehead. He had an actual dent in his forehead.

  2. Oh yes, I got kicked in the thigh so hard once it knocked me to the ground, bruised all the way to the bone.

    I was mucking the run-in and Buck was in there with me. Boodie came in the side door behind Buck, Buck didn't like it, leaned forward and let it fly. I jumped to the side but not quite fast enough. If my reflexes had been slower, I wouldn't be here telling the story.

  3. I sometimes deserve a swift kick, but I've never gotten one!

    My “K” post is right here:



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