Expressions and Texting Acronyms for Equestrians

Expressions  and Texting Acronyms for Equestrians
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

E is for Expressions.

Do you LOL at a good horsey joke? Have you ever asked a barn buddy to hold your horse while you ran to the tack room, promising to BRB?

Perhaps we need a guide to texting abbreviations for horse lovers.

Certainly, none of us actually practice texting while mounted on a horse – do we? (‘Fess up!)

Perhaps just for fun, or for use in equestrian chat rooms and online forums), here’s a quick list of 50 of the most popularly shared equestrian text acronyms. These have come from multitudinous widely circulated listings and posts, so initial crediting is virtually impossible.


50 texting acronyms for equestrians

  1. ALIGAR – at least I got a ribbon
  2. AROGC – arena rained out, going crazy
  3. BAHHFDP – bought another horse, husband filed divorce papers
  4. BBLGR – b-tchy boarder left, good riddance
  5. BBW – bucking bronco wannabee
  6. BTLGR – b-tchy trainer left, good riddance
  7. DQFOY – dressage queen fell off, yippee
  8. FOMHL – falling off my horse, laughing
  9. FTC – forgot the carrots
  10. GAF – grab a fork
  11. GBBF – got board bill, fainted
  12. GFBF – got farrier bill, fainted
  13. GOI – get over it
  14. GVBF – got vet bill, fainted
  15. HAO – hay all over
  16. HGR – have a great ride
  17. HIMB – hay in my bra
  18. HJBM – horse just bit me
  19. HLSTC – horse lame, scratched the class
  20. HRHCF – husband realized horse costs, fainted
  21. HSAA – horse slobber all over
  22. HSIH – horse slobber in hair
  23. HTNHFH – hiding the new horse from husband
  24. IPUTI – I’ll pick up tennis instead
  25. JBM – just bit me
  26. JKM – just kicked me
  27. LAS – lost a shoe
  28. LACSTC – lost a shoe, scratched the class
  29. LBOT – left behind on trail
  30. LWW – lesson went well
  31. MHTS – more horses than sense
  32. MIHA – mare’s in heat again
  33. MMM – master manure mucker
  34. MSMBO – mud sucked my boot off
  35. NLT – no lesson today
  36. OOH – out of hay
  37. OOM – out of money
  38. PIHH – poop-induced half halt
  39. PTTDG – praying to the dirt god
  40. R2R
  41. SAN – spooked at nothing
  42. SIM – sitting in mud
  43. SLH – smell like horse
  44. SSB – saddle-sore butt
  45. STS – stop that stud!
  46. TFM – time for meds
  47. UD – unplanned dismount
  48. WTFAK – where’s the first aid kit?
  49. WWFNS – will work for new saddle
  50. WWFRL – will work for riding lessons
And here’s my personal favorite equestrian acronym of all:

SITS – stay in the saddle

Can you think of any horse-lover texting acronyms I’ve missed?
Texting on Horseback
Pphoto copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson
- Nickers and Ink

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  1. Wow, this is like a whole other language. I rode when I was a kid ... until I went to college.

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