Never Say Neigh

Never Say Neigh
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

N is for Neigh.

Do you have naysayers at your barn?
Perhaps every equestrian facility has them. Naysayers seem to congregate wherever people gather for community of any sort.

You know the type.

Naysayers point out single puffs of cloud in a clear blue sky. They decry dust that gathers on their leather boots. Such finicky folks complain about completing less-than-perfect rides or receiving red ribbons, rather than blue ones.

Mostly, however, naysayers gripe about other people.

Horses may nicker and neigh, but they are by no means naysayers. If a horse becomes annoyed  irritated at his herd mates, he might bite or kick or swish his tail. A mare might pin her ears and squeal to express her discontent.

But then it’s over. Equines don’t bear grudges or harbor ill will.

What lessons our horses can teach us!
Nose-to-Nose photo
by Jon Hurd
Creative Commons Licensing
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1 comment:

  1. It begs the question, if you're worried about dust on your shoes, why are you out trying to ride a horse? It reminds of one of the tours we took on vacation. There was a family that refused to get off the van at every scenic stop. Seriously, why did they even come?



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