Call for Coggins

Call for Coggins
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

C is for Coggins.

(OK, I know posting on Sundays puts me a little off-schedule for the A to Z Challenge, but I have pre-planned several blog posts, so I am plowing ahead anyway. Click the banner at the top of this page to read additional posts from this week, if you wish.)

Whew! Opening the mail, I just discovered the familiar yellow printouts. Yep, the 2011 Coggins test results are all negative, and the proof papers are in my hot little hands.

Our equine veterinarian visited the barn a couple of weeks ago for spring shots and the annual Coggins test blood draw. Carefully, the vet drew every whorl, star and sock on each beloved equine. She took down our retired racehorse’s tattoo number.

The Coggins test rules out Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), and it is required pretty universally for horses entering show grounds, clinics and non-home barns. Many equestrian facility managers insist upon Coggins tests each year for boarders too.
Our Coggins paperwork is ready for the upcoming Midwest Horse Fair (April 15-17 in Madison, Wisconsin) and other off-property sojourns in the next few months. All we need now is the last-minute veterinary exam certification before we load the trailer. 

Of course we still have a bit of packing to do, using this handy roster:

Horse show season is here!

I think we are ready ... if we can just wake up our old boy (pictured at right) for the liberty competition in two weeks. 
Have you ordered your Coggins tests yet?
Wake Up, T-bred
Photo copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson
-          Nickers and Ink

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  1. Sounds like your vet does quite a lot of detailed work.



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