Guinness Goes for Glory

Guinness Goes for Glory

G is for Guinness and great gusto!

Our retired racehorse, a beautiful bay Thoroughbred, will show off his spirit in the Liberty exhibition at the Midwest Horse Fair next week in Madison.

Who’s going?

Be sure to watch the Liberty horses in the Coliseum. And cheer extra loudly for our good old boy! He’ll be the senior Thoroughbred, racing around with his tail up in the air like a young Arabian stallion.

Nope, he’s not part-Arabian (although all Thoroughbreds actually are, if you go back far enough in the bloodlines). Instead, he’s related to Man o’ War, War Admiral, Northern Dancer and other famous T-breds.

Here’s a quick video we shot last fall. Try to ignore the rustling wind, as we filmed this on a blustery autumn day in the American Midwest.

Go, Guinness, go! Gallop, baby!



Betcha can’t guess how old he is!

Photo copyrighted
by Linda Ann Nickerson
Nickers and Ink

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