Look at All That Laundry

Look at All That Laundry
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

L is for Laundry.

Forgive me. I’m lamenting a loss. Our local laundry lad has left. We loved our laundry guy. He used to wash all of our stinky, filthy horse blankets for $1 a pound. Last spring, he cleaned three particularly foul turnout rugs for me for just $18.

And now he is gone, without even bidding us farewell.

Seriously! The only Laundromat within our city limits that allowed laundering of horse blankets and saddle pads has folded, so to speak. A chiropractic center stands where the local wash station used to be.

What happened?

Perhaps the laundry man overexerted himself, lifting all those water-laden horse blankets, and needed a chiropractic adjustment.

Now we have a true dilemma. Spring is here. Mud season is upon us. And we have a lot of dirty horse laundry.

“Don’t even think of washing those horse blankets at home.”

What horse lover hasn’t heard that dreaded phrase?

I am particularly loathe to send our blankets to the city saddler for cleaning, as they charge $15 to $20 per blanket and take weeks to ship them back.

How do you clean your horses’ blankets? Any great leads on laundering?

Blanketed Gypsy Horse photo
by 4028mdk09
Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. I learn so much from reading your blog. I honestly had no idea that horses had laundry.



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