Valuing the Valley

Valuing the Valley
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

V is for Value and Valley.

Today is Earth Day.

What a great opportunity to pick up the pasture and trim up the trails. How might we add value to the valley by removing vile items (such as wind-blown litter)?

School is out for the day, as it is also Good Friday. It’s muddy and misty outdoors, but we are still venturing towards the barn.

No time for vanity!
I’m gonna toss on a grubby pair of jeans and pull on my muck boots today. I may look like a vagabond, but I want to hike up the hill to view the memory garden we planted last summer to honor our dearly departed old mare. Will the wild violets be visible today?

One of her youngsters began bucking a bit, probably because of an odd-looking bite under his belly. (He’s usually not very voluntarily violent.) It’s visibly vile and probably from something venomous. We will investigate and treat that today.

It’s also time to sweep out the trailer after last weekend’s journey to the first horse show of the season. We have tack cleaning to do. Our tack room could use a thorough vacuuming. The chore list grows!

Even an ever-growing to-do list may offer a viable means of turning down the volume. Somehow, labor feels lighter when friends are nickering nearby. (Just look at the photo, and see who wants to come out to play!)

Because it is Good Friday, today seems like a prime opportunity to share this image we found at the barn. Can you see a vital visage on this plank in the round pen?

Since it’s V-Day (in the A to Z Challenge), I have to ask: Has your horse been vaccinated yet?

Photos copyrighted by
Linda Ann Nickerson
Nickers and Ink Creative Communications

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  1. Pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge. I'm not a horse owner, but I appreciate the beauty and majesty of these proud creatures.

  2. I'm just itching to move somewhere where there are more horses than cars.

    I’m A-Z Blogging, and my “V” post is right here.

  3. Beautiful photos. I just watched Secretariat for the first time over the weekend. Great feel-good movie.

  4. I see it! You going to list it on ebay?



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