A to Z horses – Yes! It's YS Tanjobi!

YS Tanjobi is a 1998 Bashkir Curly of Southern Wisconsin. 

The Bashkir Curly Horse is known for its textured coat, fetlocks, mane and tail. This equine breed actually sports its own tell-tale curly hair, which is generally hypoallergenic.

Bashkir Curly Horses are generally amiable, calm, smart and quite teachable.

Owned by blogger, graphic artist and web designer Erica K. Frei, the Ontario-born sorrel sabino gelding is currently training in French Classical Dressage.

Frei has worked with Jobi since he was a two-year-old stud colt. Originally, he was the first stallion of the Jobi Farm Bashkir Curly breeding program, which began in 2000.

Standing 15 hands high, Jobi has Foxtrotting Curly and Damele (ranching) bloodlines. He lives at Frei’s own Jobi Farm in Milton, Wisconsin, with other Sport Horse Bashkir Curlies.

“We don’t currently compete,” Frei said. “However, Jobi was shown considerably in open and breed shows when he was younger. He did well in English classes with many blues and champion ribbons.”

Frei has fondly tagged Jobi as “a wonderful dance partner,” and her photos clearly express why this is the case. The pair are working on such exercises as the capriole and the Spanish Walk.

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YS Tanjobi photos provided by Erica K. Frei
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