A to Z horses – Peek In! It’s Peaches!

Kathy Brost’s 2000 bay American Quarter Horse mare is a peach indeed.

Peach of an Asset (nicknamed Peaches) is Brost’s Western wonder. Standing 15.3 hands high, Peaches pleasingly partners with Brost in the riding arena and on the trail.

The pair has been spotted on bridle paths outside West Bend, Wisconsin, in packs and even alone. 

Rumor has it that Brost may occasionally be overheard, carrying a tune, while Peaches carries her for a happy outdoor excursion.

“She’s my soul mare,” Brost said. “Peaches has attitude, but I love it.”

Peaches lives at Western Trails Equestrian Center of West Bend. 

Recently retired after 25 years in the airline industry, Brost schools the 12-year-old mare in Western Dressage and Western Pleasure. Peaches even jumps in-hand with Brost.

“I’m a novice rider. Peaches is safe, with just enough challenge to keep me interested,” Brost commented. “She’s a smooth ride and a great friend.”

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Peaches photos provided by Kathy Brost
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