A to Z horses – Knockout Koshari Flash and Kid-Friendly Kent's Sir Parsley

Check out Koshari Flash!

Koshari Flash (nicknamed “Sarge”) is a 1995 leopard Appaloosa gelding, owned by Illinois accountant and equestrian Heather Lingle. Standing 16.3 hands high, Sarge sports a blanket, lightning marks, snowflake pattern and other highlights.

Retired from a career in Eventing, Sarge now schools and shows in third-level Dressage. He has been featured in print advertisements and a blog post for SmartPak.

“I bought him, sight unseen, after looking at 57 horses,” Lingle recounted. “I had him shipped from Washington State in August 2003.

“He sure was a handful! I wasn’t sure that I had made the right decision. He was wild, but I stuck it out, and he became one heck of a fancy horse,” she added.

The horse suffered a broken right front coffin bone and detached flexor tendon in 2008. Lingle rehabilitated the horse for 18 months, and the pair returned to the show ring. 

In 2009, Koshari Flash was the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) All Breeds champion for both First and Second Level.

“He’s the love of my life,” Lingle confessed.

Kent’s Sir Parsley Kids Around.

A six-year-old Connemara gelding, Kent’s Sir Parsley loves his life as a lesson horse for children in Southeast Wisconsin.

Purchased two years ago by a horse-loving grandmother, Parsley belongs to young equestrian sisters Brenna and Bryleigh Ellis and lives at Paris Farms (just west of Kenosha). Their mom, Zumba fitness trainer and horseback riding instructor Kristina Ellis, gives lessons to youth and adult riders aboard the 14.3-hand horse as well.

“He’s Mr. Personality,” Ellis said. “He’s been shown in first-level Dressage, but he also teaches beginners how to ride. He loves to play and looks like a real-life ‘Spirit’ from the movie.”

Parsley may soon be available (through Kristina Ellis) for shareboarding at Paris Farms.

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Koshari Flash photos provided by Heather Lingle
Kent’s Sir Parsley photos provided by Kristina Ellis
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