A to Z horses – Mastering a Mare's Mystery with Maia

Yes, Maia, you may!

Hannah Rivard, a horse trainer in the North Star State, won Maia, her 2006 Andalusian mare, in an essay contest four years ago.

“For as long as I can remember, I would dream of the day when I might have my own Andalusian and fly on the wings of Pegasus,” Rivard recounted.

Given a magazine ad by her sister, Rivard entered a contest in 2008 with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse and won the Pure Raza Espanola (PRE) mare.

“I named her Maia, which is Hebrew for ‘close to God,’” Rivard explained.

Initially, Rivard practiced clicker training and natural horsemanship with Maia. She struggled to forge a strong bond with the mare.

For a while, Maia played hard-to-catch in the pasture and challenged Rivard in groundwork and saddle training.

Rivard eventually explored other methods, focusing on bridle-less work and pressure-free exercises with the graceful gray horse. She pored through horse training books and prayed plenty. And finally, the two experienced a monumental breakthrough.

Maia’s training diary is available online.

Now Maia is prancing prettily and peacefully, doing bridle-less Dressage.

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Maia photos provided by Hannah Rivard
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  1. How cool to win an Andalusian. They are a beautiful breed.



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