A to Z horses – Thunder Roars in Golden Years

Now retired, Thunder is a senior Spotted Saddlebred Horse with a hard-luck story and a much happier ending.

As a youngster, Thunder spooked while tied and flipped over backwards, knocking the retinas out of both eyes. He was instantly and permanently blinded.

Thunder now resides at St. Francis Horse Rescue (SFHR) in Rosholt, Wisconsin.

“Thunder and his friends, Peppy GusGus and Sammy, are sponsored by Betty C.,” explained SFHR’s Mary Egging Hetzel. “She is very content with them living here. When they came, we had three empty stalls, right in a row, and she claimed them.”

Despite his total blindness, Thunder was trained for riding and became a dependable mount.

“His owner had 20 years of enjoyment with him,” Hetzel said. “He is one of the easiest horses to handle, and the volunteers just love him.”

Today, Thunder plays in the pasture with his old pals, GusGus and Sammy.

SFHS currently has several horses available for adoption, with profiles listed online.
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Photos provided by Mary Egging Hetzel
St. Francis Horse Rescue, Inc.
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  1. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge and great to meet you! My kids love horses and keep asking us to buy them one. Not able to do that right now, but I think we can pay for riding lessons.

  2. Aww! thunder looks like a sweetie pie! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,



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