A to Z horses – Finding Fancy and Following Frog

Fancy’s back in action.

Rescued from a slaughter pen as a yearling, Fancy Bonanza Doll is an American Quarter Horse, now adored by Wisconsin equestrian Becky Ellis.

Initially, the 2003 sorrel mare was nicknamed “Wheezy,” as she was sick and frail to start. An Ohio woman adopted her, but returned the young horse to the rescue organization.

“That’s where I found her,” Ellis explained. “I got Fancy when she was four and spent a year getting to know her and doing ground work.”

Approximately one year later, Fancy suffered a traumatic shoulder injury after another horse kicked her in the pasture. 

After several veterinary consultations and a month of stall rest for Fancy, Ellis sent the horse to the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where she underwent shoulder surgery (see video, below).

Fancy recuperated for 60 days at the EquiSpa of Bristol, Wisconsin, before returning home. Finally, some six months later, the mare enjoyed her first pasture turnout since the accident.

Today, Ellis enjoys riding Fancy on the trails and at horse shows. The horse even has her own Facebook fan page.

“She has had it rough in her short life,” Ellis recounted, “but she is a trooper.”

Frog is a prince-to-be.

Frog’s real name is He Honor’s Texas, but the yearling Quarter Horse is growing by leaps and bounds and living up to his pet moniker.

The 2011 sorrel stud colt, owned by barrel horse trainer Robin Jerdee Schmidt, is a favorite at Robin’s Bay Station Ranch in Eagle, Wisconsin.

(Watch for Schmidt in the Gaming with the Stars competition at the 2012 Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin, later this month!)

“Frog is a love around the farm,” Schmidt commented. “We have a few young girls that have adored him from day one.”

In fact, Schmidt was so captured by the devotion of one of the barn kids that she allowed the girl to lease Frog for six months for just $10.
The colt was tagged as Frog because he stuck close to his dam, Lilly,” when he was born. As he grows, Frog is likely headed for the racetrack before hitting the barrel circuit.

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Fancy photos provided by Becky Ellis
Frog photos provided by Robin Schmidt
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  1. Fancy is a great horse, so nice to known about it.
    Do check out my F at GAC a-z

  2. Both of them are darling. I love the nickname Frog. Reminds me of all the nicknames we gave horses with pedigree and legacy names which never fit.

  3. Cheering on Fancy! Thought Frog may have been named for a funny voice...Gotta love a good horse or two...really enjoyed your post on these fine animals! M. J.

  4. I was wondering if I could use and refernce back to you a photo of yours. The one of Fancy trotting towards the camera. If so, I will leave a reference on the photo to your site. feel free to e-mail @



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