A to Z horses – Running with Rio

Barbara Bradshaw’s trio of miniature colts gives new meaning to “The Three Musketeers.” They've also been dubbed "The Three Amigos," and it's easy to see why.

Little Pinto Rio may not be the ringleader, but he and his pals keep Bradshaw and her boarders in stitches.

Rio’s crew includes little gray Drifter (sporting a dorsal stripe) and all-black Bandit, fondly tagged “Mr. Independent.”

Owner and operator of Bradshaw’s Ranch since 2003 with her husband Dave, Bradshaw brought the three minis home to their farm in Bristol, Wisconsin, in December 2010.

The barrel racer, trail rider and equestrian trainer plans to teach the young horses to drive. In the meantime, Rio and his cohorts are doing therapy work with some of Bradshaw’s clients.

“Rio, Bandit and Drifter are as sweet as ever,” she said of the miniature merrymakers.

“They really love doing therapy too. I started using the big horses, but one young lady wasn’t too keen around them. When I brought out the first mini, I was quite amazed to watch how they interacted,” Bradshaw recounted.
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Rio and Friends
Photos provided by Barbara Bradshaw
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