A to Z horses – Delightful Dolly

Registered as “Graceland,” Dolly is a nine-year-old Rheinland Pfalz-saar International mare. The sorrel chestnut cutie belongs to artist, equine nutrition professional, and graphic designer Shaina Feldman.

Feldman and Dolly share a special bond at work and play.

The California-schooled equestrian is currently practicing flying lead changes with her 16.25-hand RPSI Warmblood companion. 

Based in Wadsworth, Illinois, Dolly and Feldman enjoy going to shows and clinics, fox hunting, trail riding, dressage and jumping.

Of course, the pair is happiest in mid-air, flying over fences at full tilt.
Take a look. 

I’ve ridden with Feldman and Dolly several times, and their shared enthusiasm is downright contagious. I would nearly swear I’ve heard Dolly even chuckle once or twice … if horses could laugh. 

(Maybe they can.)

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Dolly photos provided by Shaina Feldman
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  1. I've always wanted to learn how to ride a horse. :-)



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