A to Z horses – Gotta Love Guinness the Great

Guinness is a 1991 retired Thoroughbred racehorse, but he’s anything but idle.

This handsome bay, standing 16 hands high, is the treasured mount of Wisconsin equestrian and animal lover Sarah Ramsak and her whole family.

This handsome horse comes from prized pedigrees of racing, tracing back to such famous Thoroughbred sires as Bold Ruler, Native Dancer, War Admiral and Man of War.

In his youth, Guinness had a very short track career, starting in just a dozen races and winning close to $1,500. Under his registered name (Twosie Ensign), he raced at Arlington, Calder, Gulfstream and other top tracks.

He never placed higher than fourth, even with such skilled jockeys as Earlie Fires.(Maybe that's why he's still strong and sound and raring to go at the ripe old age of 21.)

But Guinness places first in Sarah’s book.

This saintly off-the-track-Thoroughbred (OTTB) peacefully packs diapered toddlers for pony rides, kindly carries non-horse-savvy  boyfriends for lead line strolls, lopes lovely lackadaisical loops for Sarah's sister Rachel and tolerates a bit of dressage for their mom, Lindsey.

He also jumps the moon for Sarah.
Guinness has won ribbons in the dressage and hunter rings and taken scenic trail rides.

In 2011, Guinness put on a show in the Liberty Presentations at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison. 

He also tried his first trail class in the Wind Rider Challenge, performing most respectably and even crossing the horse-eating bridge. Turning on the forehand in a plastic hula hoop was significantly more scary, though.

That fall, Guinness earned his first Western Pleasure and Speed Class ribbons as well. Who knew an OTTB could compete in barrel racing and plug classes?

Barn hands have fondly tagged Guinness as “El Santo,” and the Ramsak family has to agree.

Go, Guinness.

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Guinness photos provided by the Ramsak Family
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  1. What a great personality! He seems like a very active member of the family.

  2. You couldn't find a horse named Gertrude, so you had to use old Guinness at the last minute eh? Who would have predicted that?!

    What a great life he has had, and enjoys still, being so well loved.



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