A to Z horses – Jazzy Jackson and Joyride Jetta

Jumping for Jackson

Ivy Schexnayder’s 2004 Quarter Horse/Paint stallion General Jackson is a jack of all trades.

“He has an enormous amount of try,” Northwest Illinois horse trainer Schexnayder said of her prized mount. “I have been working with him since he was three.

“He was the easiest horse to start under saddle. Jackson is a very gentle horse and gives his all, even when we are doing hard work. He enjoys being the center of attention and sometimes won't stop showing off for a crowd,” she added.

Jackson has practiced many equestrian disciplines, including liberty work, bridle-less trick training and dressage.

Schexnayder and Jackson may be seen together in the Liberty Presentations at the 2012 Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin, in April. The horse-loving crowd is sure to jump for Jackson’s performance.

Here’s a peek:


Catching the Jet Stream with Jetta

Jetson’s Fair Lady, fondly tagged Jetta, is a 1992 sorrel/chestnut Quarter Horse mare. Owned and loved by Southeast Wisconsin nursing assistant and equestrian Jessica Kitscha, Jetta is a barrel racing beauty.

“She’s 20 years old and going strong,” Kitscha pointed out. “Jetta is so spirited and has a heart of gold. She loves to run. She was a professional barrel racer for years and was taken away for a year for trail riding. Now she is ready to make a comeback.”

Jetta joined Kitscha last fall. Kitscha recalled her first ride aboard Jetta. “I fell in love. I felt like I had wings. The minute I stepped into the stirrups, the world stopped, and it was just us.”

The pair have been training together at Living the Dream Equine Center in Western Racine County, preparing for the barrel racing season.

“People doubt Jetta’s abilities at her age, but we will prove them all wrong,” Kitscha claimed. “She’s done it before, and she’s ready to leave everyone with nothing but dust to chew on.”

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Jackson photo provided by Ivy Schexnayder
Jetta photos provided by Jessica Kitscha
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  1. Oh, how beautiful they are! Thank you for the pics and stories about them. I can see you really love them. Best regards to you . Ruby

  2. Greetings! My J post is about a Jackson as well only it's my son and not a horse! :) Great posts and pictures! Have a great April!


  3. oh, dear, I notice you want horse lover comments - I hope they're acceptable from afar! I'm not a horsey person, but I think they look great and are wonderful creatures, as long as I don't need to get too close ;)
    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  4. Both lovely horses for the feature today! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/



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