Off Course - Haikus and Views on Racetrack News

Here's this week's entry for One Single Impression’s prompt (“deserted”).

Off Course –
Haikus and Views on Racetrack News

for Eight Belles
Unbridleds' Song x Away
(2005 - 2008)

Running with the boys,
Lovely filly, second place,
Hopeful contender.

Finish-line gallop,
As grandstanders whoop and cheer.
Clutching ticket stubs.

Suddenly, she’s down.
Ambulances shield the view.
Filly euthanized.

Animal rights and sports fans,
Second-guessing now.

Did they do what’s right?
Would they have saved a stallion?
What about the mare?

The focus shifts now.
Deserting horses for ink?
What a tragedy.

Click here to read the whole story, "Eight Belles Collapses After Kentucky Derby Horse Race: Tragedy Strikes Second-Place Horse at Churchill Downs."

Image: AP Photo/Brian Bohannon (on ESPN)

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  1. This poem took my breath away. All I could wonder after the news broke was what it must have been like to be that horse. I hope she felt perfect freedom in those last moments of running. What a heart-breaker.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  2. Something does seem terribly wrong with what happened. This is a powerful poem that raises important questions. Well done.

  3. I followed Eight Belles from the starting gate on. She ran a beautiful race. A sad ending to a game and beautiful horse. I think the track Vet made the only choice he could.

  4. it is a sad day when a horse goes down lame... what other course is there... yes, i often wonder abt the horse, barbero... forget his name... how they tried so hard to do everything they could and in the end they had to put him down... how many tears would i have cried to save my horse... without count... runnin w/the boys lovely filly...beautiful.. thank you for the post...



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