A Stroll That's Droll

Riding on horseback outdoors on a gorgeous spring day is a true pleasure, long-awaited. Of course, a brilliant spring day seems to energize both horse and rider. 

As we traverse the trail together, the signs of spring surround us. Mares are coming into season, stallions are calling out to them, new foals are arriving almost daily, young colts and fillies are frolicking, and nature is coming alive again.
What a day!

A Stroll That’s Droll
(A Limerick on My Sidekick)

This morning, as we were out walking,
My pony and I were a-talking.
He let out a neigh,
But I said, "No way!"
And our friends all thought us laughing-stocking.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

This post responds to the following prompts: Inspire Me Thursday (“doors”) and Read-Write-Poem (#25).
National Show Horse
photo copyrighted by LAN/The Mane Point
All rights reserved.

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  1. I remember, with great love, the "walks" that I took beside my beloved mare...while she grazed, and sometimes even pulled me around to get a better view at some flower..

    Horses are the most amazing companions and inspire the best in us... and teach us so very much about spirit and soul!

    Thanks for the delightful little poem!

  2. I've not been horse riding for a long time, but I have very fond memories of doing so. i enjoyed your post. Thanks



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