Ah! Memorial Day weekend is here at last. What a wonderful reminder that spring has come.

Every year, on Memorial Day weekend, even as we ponder the sacrifices of those who purchased freedom with their lives, we also enjoy a few consecutive days of rest and relaxation. This seems like a paradoxical juxtaposition somehow.

The school year always draws to a close shortly after Memorial Day weekend too, so we spend a fair amount of time preparing teacher gifts and thank-yous.

Still, the long weekend offers a super opportunity for extended time at the stables - the first trail rides of the season, soapy horse baths (and water fights), and long-overdue tack cleaning and conditioning.

What a wonderful time to count our many blessings.

"The LORD upholds
all those who fall
and lifts up
all who are bowed down.

The eyes of all look to You,

and You give them
their food

at the proper time.

You open Your hand

and satisfy the desires

of every living thing.

The LORD is righteous

in all His ways

and loving

toward all He has made."
(Psalm 145:14-16)

A Natural Born Jumper?

Today, for the first time, we took our young Paint (coming four) outside in the big arena. We have been riding him Western Pleasure in a Circle Y Western trail saddle. He walks, jogs and lopes like a trooper, and his favorite word is "Whoa." (That's MY kind of horse.)

He was so well-behaved that my daughter even popped him over a flat pole, set between the jump standards. First, he trotted over it a few times with an unexpected spring in his step. Next, he trotted in and cantered out. Finally, he cantered in and out, swapping leads almost automatically. What a good boy.

Summer fun has begun!

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  1. Your post was just lovely. Your horse sounds like he is going to be fantastic. Love those "whoa" horses, myself.

    Please keep us posted on his progress in training.


  2. How do you get a "whoa" horse? I want one.

    He sounds lovely. Beautiful photos, too. But that horse isn't a paint -- or maybe I just don't see the markings.

  3. Good eyes!

    Actually, he is a registered solid paint. Both of his parents were overo paint horses. The sire was black and white, and the dam was chestnut and white.

    The colt simply has 4 socks and a blaze, along with a white lower lip.




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