USEF Names Olympic Equestrian Eventing Team - Short List

Announced in May by the United States Equestrian Federation, the U.S. Olympic short list for equestrian eventing for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, includes:

Steven Bradley (46) and Brandenburg’s Joshua (Thoroughbred)

Bruce Davidson, Jr. (32), and Ballynoe Castle RM (Irish Thoroughbred)

Phillip Dutton (44) and Connaught (Irish Sport Horse)

Phillip Dutton (44) and The Foreman (Thoroughbred)

Phillip Dutton (44) and Woodburn (Thoroughbred)

Will Faudree (26) and Antigua (Australian Thoroughbred)

Becky Holder (39) and Courageous Comet (Thoroughbred)

Gina Miles (34) and McKinlaigh (Irish Sport Horse)

Karen O’Connor (50) and Mandiba (Thoroughbred)

Karen O’Connor (50) and Theodore O’Connor (Sport Pony)

Kim Severson (34) and Tiperary Liadhnan (Irish Thoroughbred)

Amy Tryon and Leyland (Thoroughbred)

Amy Tryon (38) and Poggio II (Thoroughbred)

Heidi White (42) and Northern Spy (English Thoroughbred)

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