Dandy Day

Dandy Day
(A poetic phrasing from a horse that is grazing)

It’s a dandy day for a turnout,
A wonderful day in the field,
A perfect day to beat burnout,
As sweet dandelions are revealed.

I promise I’ll give you a ride, dear,
If you will allow me to stay.
The grasses are growing beside here,
And they taste much sweeter than hay.

The dew of the morning has rested
On each lovely blade that I munch,
So don’t feel that I have protested,
But please come and ride after lunch.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

(Posted for Wordless Wednesday’s Saturday edition and Blog Carnival's "Carnival of the Horses")

Like this one? Find this horse poem and more in Horseplay Secrets: Learning in Rhyme from Equines Sublime.  


  1. I love that poem. I also have horses, but never make myself get out and ride. Shame on me. Maybe I'll get inspired after reading your post. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again. :)

  2. Way cute! Sounds like you've been talking with my boy....



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