Brolly Folly - A Limericked Rule for Fashion's Fool

Here's this week's entry for Simply Snickers’ prompt on “umbrella,” “under,” “puddle” and “promise.”)

Brolly Folly –
A Limericked Rule for Fashion’s Fool

Such promise was rare, yes, indeed.
He rigged up the sulky and steed.
The crowds, they did roar,
Till it started to pour,
Still, he held onto reins and his lead.

A puddle stretched clear ‘cross the track,
But he drove right through, no setback.
The rest fell behind,
As he made up his mind
To give his white horse one more smack.

Just then, an umbrella appeared,
As folks in the grandstand, they cheered.
The horse, terrified,
Slipped and fell to one side,
And the man under him disappeared.

Let this be a lesson to all,
When rains at the races may fall:
As the horses fly by,
Keep in mind, they are shy,
And open not that parasol!

(“Brolly” is a British colloquial term for an umbrella.)

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  1. This romps along at a great gallop!


    Also, thank you so much for offering weekly prompts! I have thought of doing it, but feel I am committed to so much that it would flounder!

    I just want to write after a heavy day at school! It's great therapy!




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