Saddle Up!

Saddle Up!

"Yep. I sure did! I wore a saddle for the first time today. So that's what a big boy does!"

AN photo - All rights reserved.

Mystified –
A Rhyming Roundup on Saddling Up

A foal is born, and so he grows,
Until we head for rings and shows.
The trail awaits, and so do we,
My handsome chestnut colt and me.

Today, we saddled him for once,
Without a glitch, no bucks or stunts.
In tack he’s never worn before,
He modeled like a matador.

This horse, he has me mystified,
I cannot hardly wait to ride.
We’re smitten to the core, we two,
Awaiting saddle-borne debut.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

LAN photo - All rights reserved.
Posted in response to a blog prompt for Wordless Wednesday (Monday edition).


  1. that's a great picture.. How precious!

  2. Ilove horses...wish I could ride one someday...

    Great pic!

  3. What a great picture, they look so happy and free.



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