Headin' Home - From the Midwest Horse Fair

Here's this week's entry for Wordless Wednesday (Sunday edition). Photo by Nickers and Ink.

Headin’ Home - From the Midwest Horse Fair

At the Fair

(These lines can be sung to the tune of the familiar children’s folk song, “We Went to the Animal Fair.”)

We went to the Midwest Horse Fair.
The Friesians, they danced;
The Arabians pranced,
And Percherons did their share.

The Mustangs learned to train,
While horses Baroque had no rein.
A stagecoach went by
As the jumpers flew high,
And tack shoppers went on campaign.

Sign in with the auctioneer.
I’m saving my cash
For a chestnut or ash,
To ride like a Musketeer.

We went to the Midwest Horse Fair.
They finished their gigs,
Then loaded their rigs,
And headed home from the affair.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. Did you have fun at the Midwest Horse Fair? I don't live all that far from Madison, but wasn't able to go this year cause I couldnt get off of work.

  2. Visiting from Chronicles of a Country Girl. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! We just love animal events like yours. My daughters would have died and gone to heaven to see all those types of horses! :-P

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Love to have new folks drop in and hopefully come back again. Oh how I would loved to have been able to go to the Midwest Horse Fair! I read a lot about it on Callie's blog, Midwest Horse, and it got me just drooling!!! We don't seem to have much like that going on here in Central Maine.

    Today was gorgeous, we are getting some nice weather after a LONG winter with tons of snow. I have been grooming and grooming and even doing a little body clipping as most of my guys are so shaggy. These warm days will make them shed out even more thankfully. The vet comes Friday for spring shots and check ups so we want them all spiffed up and looking good.

    Now I am going to read down through some of your past posts, it all looks very interesting!!



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