Capping It Off - The Headless Horseman Takes a New Form

Capping It Off –The Headless Horseman Takes a New Form

(Inspired by a flashy exhibitor at the Midwest Horse Fair 2008, “Dancing With Horses.”)

The horseman is headless, they say.
He rides on a spirited bay,
His hair in the breeze,
As he gallops with ease.
He stored his crash helmet away.

The horseman, he must use his head,
And not by appearance be led.
Just strap on his cap
For his victory lap,
So vultures above won’t be fed.

NOTE: Although he rides a white Andalusian horse, rather than a bay, the equestrian exhibitor pictured here inspired these lines. Mounted on his horse in full regalia at the Midwest Horse Fair 2008, this horseback rider demonstrated decorum and riding skills. His horse pranced on the pavement, but this equestrian did not wear a safety helmet.

The white horse pictured here is Santiago, a stallion from Rothrock Andalusians. Santiago is a five-time national champion Andalusian.

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